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Welcome Letter

Honorable Delegates and Faculty Advisors, it's our honor and privilege to invite you all at the 12th Conference of Thessaloniki MUN by Aristoteleio College, a conference to be held in March 2014. Every year hundreds of students attend Aristotelio College MUN to debate upon some of the most significant matters the international community faces today.
This programme is made for those of you who have dreamt of becoming a diplomat or just have an interest in educational experiences and wish for an effective tool to learn about the complexities of the world.

  • But what is the Model United Nations?
Well, it's an authentic simulation of the UN General Assembly and the other multilateral bodies.
Practicing in Model UN  promotes students' and teachers' interest in international affairs and the relevant subjects, increases the ability of students to engage in problem solving, teaches aspects of conflict, amplifying research and the comminication skills and finally creates the opportunity to meet new people from different schools and possibly make new friends.

Thank you for reading this

Your Organizing Committee

Χαιρετισμός της Συμβούλου Αγγλικής,

MUN 2011

Distiguished Guests, Dear fellow Educators, Honorable Regional Director
Dear members of the student delegations,
Dear All,
I am greatly honored to be present here today and share this invaluable experience together.
In ancient times --- and in not so ancient unfortunately – nations, being ethnocentric and racist believed in the control and exploitation of the weak and meek of this planet. They claimed that War creates wealth and produces prosperity after the game is over …
Πόλεμος πάντων πατήρ Heracleitos ( War is the Father of All)
After a loooong history of violence and wars (military conflicts involving armed forces of certain states) a new era appeared, a great Change . Great wars belong to the Past AND even the cold war is over ! There is practically PEACE on Earth…, prosperity and happiness all over !! The danger for military conflicts though is still there !!! Or, is it ?
Now, we have new kind of wars : PURE economic wars … Bank wars
IMF, PSI, CD’s and other incomprehensible acronyms
I believe though we still have three enemies, all starting with the letter P:
The first enemy is
Plutocracy where 1% of the population controls the wealth of the earth. Someone’s daily income can be equal to someone else’s annual income in the same society, country, same town, same neighbourhood.
Another enemy is
Poverty where 25 % of EU citizens live below the level of poverty, they are poor, have no resources, no health plan, poor health, poor education and are malnourished, let alone no access to quality entertainment. Extreme poverty we have in the case of HOMELESS people , especially in megacities where there are literally thousands and their number is increasing every day.
And the third enemy is Great, another P :
Pollution where we have large areas of this planet, especially poor areas like the favelas, slums, garbage damps, refugee camps where pollution is 500 times above the security level. Clean water, clean air, shelter that here we take for granted in our societies, these are a luxury and a remote dream to many of our planet’s inhabitants. And in this 21st century the Homeless are next to us, they are visible and omnipresent…
We ALL have these new enemies, and a new war has to start /(OR has it already started ?) that proves that coalitions of rich and poor countries can coexist and they should join forces to do a simple thing :
To fight poverty, illiteracy, child abuse, pollution and the destruction of our planet,
To convince the super rich 1% of the planet that they cannot control the resources of the earth and deprive the majority of the population of basic needs : clean water, clean air, healthy living conditions, the right to equal opportunities in education, in jobs.
BUT above all the right to live with dignity and honor !
We can’t afford having other kinds of enemies, we have shed more than enough blood and misery over the past … We have helped great war industries to thrive and become grandiose multimillionaires that control huge amount of power through money.
It’s high time we acted with serenity, empathy and love and stop any sort of violence: A war against violence (sic)
Both physical and psychological , coercive and verbal, violence is expressed in various ways : that of bullying in the school environment, violence against women, against the weak …
67 years have passed since the UN was incorporated / was born.
Human rights and freedoms must be secured and protected . That’s obvious !! Strange enough,
These same rights and freedoms are constantly violated.
People do not only have rights and freedoms . First and above all People should have and implement obligations and understanding, responsibilities towards the future generations, your generation.
All the powerful and the rich nations, the mighty governments must have the courage to re-examine the world with empathy.
We, educators, have to seriously and systematically educate youngsters to feel empathy, to be proud to help and give, to be happy to offer and to volunteer, to teach not to be arrogant and greedy, to accumulate more and more material things … After all, we cannot take them in the 6 feet under the earth where we all end up…
Teach our children and ourselves how to be humble and honest with ourselves, do not try to be someone else.
Know thyself , Be yourself !
I would like to congratulate all of you and especially those delegates who have become first time delegates, I would also like to warmly welcome delegates from Turkey : “HOS GELDINIZ Arkandaslar ” and wish you a successful convention with fruitful outcomes.
My warmest congratulations and a BIG THANK YOU go to the organizers and sponsors Aristoteleio College and EXPRESS publishing ; and last but not at all least my colleagues EFL teachers as advisors to the delegates.
God bless you all!
Theo M. Maniakas

MUN 2011

Excellencies, Honourable delegates from Thessaloniki and Turkey Schools, Distiguished Guests and MUN coordinators,
It gives me great excitement that for three consecutive years since I returned from my post in London, I have been honoured with your kindest invitation to give a brief address to the audience of the MUN conference.

The organisers, Aristotle College and Express Publishing deserve warmest congratulations for their ninth year attempt to model the UN.
In doing so they are bringing together a constantly increasing number of students in order to engage in enlightening debate over the most pressing international issues, immensely improving their English at the same time.
This year MUN is held amidst the toughest economic conditions since the Great Depression.
Therefore it is expected to assess the worst global economic downturn with the aim to identify emergency and long-term responses to mitigate the impact of the crisis especially on vulnerable populations.
UN officials have argued that the economic crisis, in addition to those relating to food and fuel, are not only crises of development, but of human rights as well.

Being an advocate of humanism I tend to believe that a human rights perspective can bring tremendous value in developing national and international interventions
and that prioritizing human rights could formulate the most appropriate response to the global financial slowdown.
Honourable delegates,
when I look at your beautiful faces, I am certain that you are our present and futureand I am also confident that in a few short years , having the invaluable experience of MUN you will be able to bring about the desperately wanted moral reform and considerably contribute to the development of our country.
I am sure that you will have found pearls of wisdom in this crisis and learn the lessons from the infamous Greece financial crisis.
Nothing is impossible with hard work and dedication.
Your presence here today clearly shows that you do not fear hard work and you can promise dedication to your welfare through the pursuit of common welfare.
I would therefore like to congratulate you honourable delegates, your families for their support, your advisors and also heads of participating schools.
Being positive that the Aristotle College with a staff of experienced students commits itself to creating a conference that will promote instructive dialogue and cultural exchange that are key to a memorable experience,

I take pride in announcing the opening of the 9th MUN.